Digital Caricature Art

I’m a multi-disciplinary, classically-trained fine artist with a degree in Fine Art from William College. I specialize in portraits and I find both caricatures and speed sketches very interesting and rewarding. I’m happy my work can bring joy to the people around me. I’m not a caricature artist that is interested in making fun of people. Rather, I want my caricature work to inspire others and to highlight the subject’s unique personality.

I love to paint portraits of people and animals, especially commissioned work for special (surprise!) gifts.

Locally, I teach painting classes and offer private art commissions. Please contact me if interested in private commissions.

I draw caricatures at events, conventions, and parties. I have my own booth with a large screen that projects my drawing in real time - its lots of fun!

Private or corporate parties are considered. 3-4 hour minimum; longer time spans or a multi-day event are great!

Digital Caricature Rate: $200/hour with a 4 hour minimum.

Includes full color caricatures, your logo/custom banner printed at the bottom of each picture in full color, on-location printing, and free digital downloads.

If travel is required that would be an additional charge.

If you have any social requests or original ideas, great! Happy to work with you on these details. There may be additional fees if you request requires extra materials or extra time creating custom artwork in advance, such as:
  • Custom themes, backgrounds, or bodies
  • Different styles of drawing: watercolor, sketchy, fashion, charcoal, etc.
  • Custom banners
  • Instant uploads
  • Connecting to your large external video displays
  • Larger prints 8.5 x 11 “ (Normal prints at 4 x 6”)
  • Accessories (lanyards or badges) or custom colors


Easy! If you are interested in securing a caricature event, please contact me!

We will discuss your event details,  book the date, and secure 1/2 payment (and additional travel fees if applicable)

I will design the photo banner to reflect your party or event branding (this is typically printed at the bottom of the image) and will have you review and approve your design.

During the event day, I’ll need to have a location inside (or if nice weather, a shady spot outdoors) near a power outlet. From that point, I’ll setup my station and once the event starts I’ll start drawing!
I will use a digital tablet connected to an articulating arm mount, that is mounted to a standing desk. My tablet has a direct connection to a mobile printer. The drawing process is projected on a 27” LED monitor, also on its own stand. The space i take up is less than 4 x3 feet.
Requirements: One power outlet. If set up outdoors, heavy shade is required above and behind.
Guests will sit for 5-10 minutes per caricature. After each sketch they are printed on 4x6” glossy prints and placed in a clear plastic sleeve. They will be printed on the spot and the photos will be available after the event online for download.
Downloads: I will host the digital images so the guests or clients can freely download them after the event.
A small website link will be added to the bottom of each caricature print.
Drawings can be used on social media or avatars but not for commercial use or reproductions.

Great! Please contact me to get started!

I offer two versions of my digital caricatures, the “Just for Fun” and the “Fine Art Series”

Both are in color unless black and white is specificed.

All Basic and Fine Art Portraits Caricatures are non-commercial; only for social media or personal use. For example you can use this image to print onto a birthday cake or printed onto an object as a present for another person - that’s great!  All usage is non-commercial and not for multiple or ongoing prints.


The JFF are for those that want a unique gift piece or for social media applications.

  • JFF - Pet Portrait Caricature - $95
  • JFF - Basic Caricature - $125
  • JFF - Basic Caricature with a Background - $225
  • JFF - Basic Caricatures for a Group - starting at $250 & upwards (These are priced individually and depends on size of group and level of detail.)


The Fine Art Caricatures are rendered in a realistic style. I spend more time on the details and personalization, often several days. These are worthy of being a fine art piece and is a great option for a high impact present, especially great for anniversaries or a professional gift.
  • Fine Art Caricature - $550
  • Fine Art Caricature with Background - $700
  • Wedding Fine Art Caricature Illustration - $750
  • Wedding Fine Art Caricature with Background - $950



  • Custom Signature Art Canvas (32 x 48”) - starting at $1250 (Your guests can add their signatures to the canvas and you can have a memorable art piece to enjoy afterwards. Includes archival markers and easel.)
  • Please inquiry about custom print or digital projects such as t-shirt graphics or fine art commissions.


  • Takes about 2 weeks from start to finish for the final image. (I recommend ordering in advance for wedding or special events.)
  • Takes about 5 weeks from start to delivery for the Signature Canvas Art or custom work. (I recommend pre-ordering this at least 1 month in advance from your event.)
  • I typically ask for 50% deposit to start and the remaining paid upon completion.
  • I’ll need your favorite photo/s to work from as well as additional photos to get a better sense of the subject. Pictures that are recent, of good quality, and show me expressions (of your best side) work best. Multiple angles of the face are also very helpful.
  • I’ll also need any details that you would like integrated. The more detail the better for me to understand how to weave those elements into the final piece, especially if you are ordering a Signature Canvas! This includes your any personalization, text, theme, colors, fashion, etc. I will strategize with you on which details will make for a great composition.


  • After I receive the images and information, I’ll make a rough digital sketch and will show you for approval and/or changes.
  • You will be able to make up to one revision (wedding or special event caricatures two).
  • Once approved, I’ll finalize the final illustration in greater detail and add the color components. Afterwards I’ll send the files or make the files available to you for download.
  • If applicable, we will review the best hanging & printing options, shipping options, and accessories.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you have a question about a commission or caricatures? Do you have a project you’d like me to consider? Please drop a line and include as much information as possible.

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